xxx: What are your feelings/ or experiences like when you're playing the guitar? or when you're on stage for instance?
Steve: Well, - I just love the music soooo much !!! you know, I am playing the guitar in order to feel happy and sound. I'm then experiencing some indescribable joy, bliss, love, light and a sort of an 'electrifing life power' is pulsing right through me. Music is actually playing through me. I'm then functioning as the instrument while the guitar becomes the tool. I like to share this experience with all of the people out there. And this is what's really important and meaningful to me, you know!
xxx: What kind of paintings are you doing by the way?
Steve: I have a great love for any artistic style esp. for the renaissance, impressionism and expressionism and a great love for visionary art. I do prefer to work with oil on canvas. Have a look at my Tarot Cards for example (Major Arkana No. 0 - 21, oil on canvas 70x90 cm's). Hey, why don't you check them out, - and many others more by visiting the Gallery? xxx: Thank you for sharing this with me/us, it was really a pleasure talking to you, Steve. Steve: Jai Sai Ram.